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Is your business up to speed when it comes to communication in customer service?

Posted by David Hughes on 30 May, 2019

Customer Experience

Today, we have more channels than ever at our fingertips to contact customer service teams, so you would think that getting in touch with a business would be quick and simple. In reality, this is not always the case. Businesses are up against it when it comes to delivering a high quality service, most recently the UK’s mobile phone firms have come under fire.

As new communications channels become available this means raised expectations. Customers naturally expect to reach companies instantly. This rise in expectations means slower service is becoming increasingly frustrating for consumers, and one of the main reasons why they will turn away from a business.

8x8 know that having the right technologies in place is vital to providing fast service but latest research indicates that not all UK businesses have yet implemented systems that allow them to achieve this. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of people have been frustrated at the length of time it has taken a customer service team at a company to solve a problem. Additionally, the research showed that over half (56%) of Brits would stop shopping with a brand if they experienced slow customer service.

All of this suggests that it is vital businesses take action if they are to keep their customers from voting with their feet and going to another brand. To ensure companies uphold timely fast customer service they need to embrace cloud communications technology.

The 8x8 X Series is helping businesses transform their customer and employee experience with one system of engagement across voice, video, chat and contact centre solutions, and one system of intelligence on one cloud-based technology platform. This enables businesses to boost employee productivity and improve service for customers.


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Adapted from 'Is your business up to speed when it comes to communication in customer service?', written by Mary Ellen Genovese and originally posted to the official site of 8x8.

Topics: Customer Experience

David Hughes

Written by David Hughes

With more than 16 year’s engineering experience in the communications industry, David has a passion for new technology. David’s expertise has provided him with a wealth of knowledge to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to the highest standards, ensuring our customer service levels remain at the highest level. As Operations Director at Telefonix, David is responsible for managing Client Projects, Engineering, Customer Service and Vendor Relationships. He’s a keen sportsman mostly playing cricket and enjoys hacking his way around a golf course. David's a bit of a petrol head; he loves fast cars, Formula 1 and the annual trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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