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Focus on Customer Experience changes the CIO role

Posted by David Hughes on 16 May, 2017

The new focus on customer experience has changed the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in recent years.

The CIO needs to match business operations with the best new technology to deliver a world-class experience to the customer, because customer experience is now central to business. To deliver the best experience to customers, the CIO must understand the customer and what they are looking for, with better insights.

This has changed the role of the CIO to be front and centre of the business, as Vic Bhagat, CIO of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, observed on The Modern Customer Podcast hosted by Blake Morgan.

Insights from social, mobile, analytics, cloud and augmented reality all needs to be enabled by IT. The CIO is front and centre for the business.

“If you’re not the CIO making that happen for your business, then shame on CIOs,” Vic said.

CIOs are ultimately responsible for how technology is used in the business, and for that they need to vet technology partners to get the right solution. 

He mentioned internal customers, or employees, pass on their immediate experiences to external customers.

For example, the call centre employee frustrated with a slow system will affect the mood of the customer calling in – if the employee struggles, the customer struggles doing business with you. Conversely, the employee who has the tech tools to do their job can focus on providing a great experience to customers. The right technology enables the call centre employee to come across as “intelligent and contemporary”.

“Anything that the business wants to do with big data, data analytics, is trying to get closer to the customer and get more intimate with the buying habits of the customer, and, making sure we give a customised experience to our customer. It’s a phenomenal time to be in technology right now,” Vic said.

Blake Morgan defined the customer experience as the perception your customer has of your brand. This is shaped by more than just the simple purchase transaction – the whole experience includes the level of products and services offered. Employees need to show they care about the customer, the ease of the transaction itself and how the business deals with customer problems.

With the technology available, we can create more amazing experiences than ever for the customer- and ultimately, that will depend on the CIO.

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David Hughes

Written by David Hughes

With more than 16 year’s engineering experience in the communications industry, David has a passion for new technology. David’s expertise has provided him with a wealth of knowledge to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to the highest standards, ensuring our customer service levels remain at the highest level. As Operations Director at Telefonix, David is responsible for managing Client Projects, Engineering, Customer Service and Vendor Relationships. He’s a keen sportsman mostly playing cricket and enjoys hacking his way around a golf course. David's a bit of a petrol head; he loves fast cars, Formula 1 and the annual trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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