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Flexible working is essential in today's business world, but your business needs the tools to deliver it

Posted by Alex Eve on 23 May, 2019

Working from home

As a conscientious business owner, you’ll be fully aware of the talk around flexible and remote working in the modern age. The lifestyle of many now means that the traditional 9 to 5 just doesn’t work for them, and business owners need to be aware of this growing trend. It may seem like a daunting prospect for owners to fully implement flexible working with the plethora of technology options now available, but luckily we can help.

For a business owner, what are the two most important considerations in terms of your employees working remotely?


1. They need to remain easily contactable so you and customers or prospects can get in touch with them.

2. You want to ensure that they can access all of their tools in the same way that they would in the office.


Neither of these have to be difficult to implement thanks to the technology now on offer to businesses.

So let’s delve into consideration number one. As you’re making the arrangements for your employees to work remotely, you’ll no doubt set them up with a work mobile to remain contactable. The simplest set up would be to just use the standard number assigned to each mobile, but problems can arise when it comes to business continuity. A softphone application on their mobile, linked to the desk phone, means that calls to the office extensions of those employees can go straight to their mobile. This also allows for the office number to be used on employee’s mobiles, which gives a professional feel to customers and prospects when they call in.

When it comes to those urgent meetings, video conferencing tech has advanced to the point where you don’t need to be concerned about visual break up and poor audio. Nowadays you can get key members of your staff on a video call and achieve the same objectives as if everyone was in the room. By ensuring that every employee has the Gamma Collaborate application on their device, high quality video conferencing and instant messaging is at the click of a button, regardless of location.

On to number two. In order for your employees to be productive away from the workplace, they need reliable access to the tools they use on a daily basis. Among our product portfolio is a range of Office 365 packages. Office 365 is the ultimate collaboration tool, as documents can be edited in real time by multiple users, regardless of where they are. No more emailing documents back and forth to make changes.

Email and other essential desktop programs are covered by our support packages, so if any remote worker has a problem, they can call our team from home and any issue can be resolved. You can therefore be safe in the knowledge that a remote worker won’t have any issues that stops them working effectively from home.

Who said flexible working was complicated to implement? Chat to us today to find out more.


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Alex Eve

Written by Alex Eve

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