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Our view on how technology affects our everyday lives - Customer Experience, Collaboration, CyberSecurity, Cloud, Unified Communications and IT.


Niki Lamb

Niki joined Telefonix in 2002, watching the business grow and expand hugely. Niki has held a variety of roles in Office Management, Client Projects, Purchasing, Sales, and Account Management. Niki understands the complex and ever-changing technology landscape and is responsible for managing the relationships with many of our largest clients. With an eye for detail, she is passionate about providing the best levels of service, while developing long-term relationships, often becoming a go-to trusted advisor to help clients with the right solution. As a busy Mum and Wife, Niki is a keen seamstress and crafter, always involved in charitable causes such as her son’s pre-school fundraising.

Recent Posts

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As a recruitment agency, you are managing the busiest people on earth - top candidates who are negotiating multiple interviews and job offers and hiring managers who are managing other competing projects (after all, that’s why they outsourced..
25 Oct, 2017 | video conferencing
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