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Our view on how technology affects our everyday lives - Customer Experience, Collaboration, CyberSecurity, Cloud, Unified Communications and IT.


Mike Kirby

A passionate business leader, who believes the customer experience should be above and beyond expectation. Mike has been building customer focused technology solutions for the past 20 years and is now driving the Telefonix business into its growth stage, with plans to make Telefonix the leading total IT & Communications supplier focused on the small, medium and enterprise business market in the UK. When not challenging the business and leading the team, Mike can often be found chasing a small white ball around the countryside (golf) often with clients. He strives for continual improvement and has seen his handicap come down from 24 to 8 in the past five years.

Recent Posts

Save money and increase productivity with unified communications

Striving to do more with less is nothing new to most SMEs. Whether it’s maximising efficiency by empowering staff to work flexibly, or carefully plotting budgets to get the most from every last penny, it’s all part and parcel of the small business..
29 Mar, 2019 | Unified Communications
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What are the benefits of building a more connected business?

Over the past decade, large scale tech migrations have become commonplace as new cloud technologies and systems have become widely available. However, for a business that is thinking about digital transformation, it’s sometimes easy to jump straight..
25 Feb, 2019 | Collaboration
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