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Our view on how technology affects our everyday lives - Customer Experience, Collaboration, CyberSecurity, Cloud, Unified Communications and IT.


Mark Quinton

With over 20 years in the IT industry encompassing Cloud technologies, Data and Telephony solutions, Mark now leads the Sales team at Telefonix. Mark loves to understand a customer's “as-is” situation and then help them to deliver their “to-be” solution through a detailed plan and an excellent understanding of their goals. Providing service excellence and best of practice solutions is his raison d’etre. Mark understands the importance of delivering positive ROI and a smooth transition, enabling his clients to focus on their business goals. He enjoys watching live sport including Rugby and Football, he loves skiing, golf and travelling as often as he can.

Recent Posts

SIP Trunks are way, way cooler than you think

SIP Trunks for business are the logical choice when moving from ISDN ahead of the BT switch off in 2025. This means businesses still using ISDN phone lines need to switch, and fast. But if you're a busy executive in charge of your business' changing..
19 Jun, 2017 | SIP Trunks
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3 reasons not using SIP is damaging your business

Traditional phone systems are obsolete. In 2015, BT announced it will switch all its ISDN networks to VoIP (voice over IP) on SIP trunks by 2025. It’s a smart move for BT to remove the legacy from its network to better compete with the world as IP..
13 Jun, 2017 | SIP Trunks
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