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Our view on how technology affects our everyday lives - Customer Experience, Collaboration, CyberSecurity, Cloud, Unified Communications and IT.


Johan Ingles-Le Nobel

Johan joined Telefonix in 2007 responsible for all aspects of marketing. He describes himself as an information provider and educator, helping both his colleagues and clients with information and answers. Johan fell in love with marketing in his university days, discovering that marketing could make it possible to hold the largest ball ever held to date in Scotland! Johan is a Saxophone playing Dutchman, as a teenager one of the craziest things he did was to sleep on top of a pyramid in Cairo! He has a passion for photography, is a Pentax Brand Ambassador, and has his very own successful photography website.

Recent Posts

Why Choose An IP Phone System?

For many businesses, the choice of an IP phone system is justified by the cost savings generated avoiding expensive long distance phone services that link geographically dispersed business locations. For example, with offices in Manchester, London..
14 Dec, 2016 | Cloud Telephony
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Connectivity: How To Choose Your Phone Lines

In today's busy world of business, there's always huge amounts of information to digest about what is right or wrong for your business.  If you are looking to upgrade your business phone system, then you are probably focused on the features and..
12 Dec, 2016 | Connectivity
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