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Carl Davies

Carl is no stranger to cutting edge tech, having led many marketing and strategic initiatives across complex technology portfolios. He has played key roles in technology businesses, from the launch of the UK’s first cable broadband services to the some of the first mobile data value added services offered in continental Europe.   With more than 25 years commercial experience across multiple management role disciplines in sales, marketing, customer services, operations and IT, Carl has spent most of his career in the technology and communications sector.  Prior to Telefonix, Carl served as CMO for creative and virtual reality technology experts, Happy Finish, putting marketing at the heart of the company to drive a market leading reputation, supporting growth, and improving the performance of the company.  Previous to that role he served as Global Marketing Director at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, where he led the repositioning programme of the Cyber & Fraud Technology and Data Intelligence business into BAE Systems and transformed the company’s digital marketing approach. Outside of work, Carl is a bit of a car fan, keen DIY'er, avid gardener, and all round tech geek.

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