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Are you doing enough to support flexible working with technology?

Posted by Mike Kirby on 19 Jun, 2019


The 9-5 office routine is becoming a thing of the past, with flexible working now a common policy in UK companies. A recent study suggests *72% of workers believe a remote working policy is one of the most important benefits companies can offer them, so companies who ignore it risk being left behind.

As more companies adopt agile working initiatives they are beginning to reap the multiple rewards on offer. By adopting a modern, smarter flexible working approach, businesses can inspire greater productivity while also supporting a healthier work-life balance.

However, a key part of this success is that the business has focused on getting the right technology in place when launching the policy, as well as providing training for staff so everyone understands the new way of working.

This is key to the success of flexible and remote working in 2019. According to a recent Randstad report, only a third of employees say their employer provided them with the technical equipment to perform their job remotely.

Yet the rapid rise in collaboration technologies, such as cloud communications and smart devices, has made it easier than ever to make agile working a success. Everyone in a business can have a constant line of communication with colleagues, being able to jump on a video call to collaborate on a document with a colleague working remotely, or ping someone through chat for a rapid response to a question.

The 8x8 X Series platform empowers everyone in an organisation to run at the new speed of business. By joining all communication channels into one platform, from voice, to video, chat and contact centre solutions, it has never been easier for businesses to make working away from the office a reality.


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Adapted from 'Are you doing enough to support flexible working with technology?', written by Mary Ellen Genovese and originally posted to the official site of 8x8.

*Author: Mark Lobosco, January 28 2019. LinkedIn Report: These 4 Ideas Are Shaping the Future of HR and Hiring.

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Mike Kirby

Written by Mike Kirby

A passionate business leader, who believes the customer experience should be above and beyond expectation. Mike has been building customer focused technology solutions for the past 20 years and is now driving the Telefonix business into its growth stage, with plans to make Telefonix the leading total IT & Communications supplier focused on the small, medium and enterprise business market in the UK. When not challenging the business and leading the team, Mike can often be found chasing a small white ball around the countryside (golf) often with clients. He strives for continual improvement and has seen his handicap come down from 24 to 8 in the past five years.

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