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All Telefonix IT clients protected from WannaCry ransomware

Posted by Carl Davies on 18 May, 2017

All IT clients with Telefonix cybersecurity solutions were protected from the global ransomware which shut down organisations on Friday.

The WannaCry cyberattack spread with unprecedented speed and scale with 100,000s of victims in 150 countries, including the 47 NHS organisations with 1,000s of operations, tests and appointments disrupted.

The malware exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows which was first identified by US intelligence. Microsoft released a security update in March to protect computers from the virus.

What we did in the wake of the NHS cyber attack

We took steps to investigate our clients' exposure to the risks as reported. Where appropriate, we applied the specific patch and run or set to run Windows Updates for our supported IT clients.

The best defence is a layered defence.

Firstly, you need to ensure you back-up your system. If all your data is backed up, you can recover from any ransomware.

Secondly, you need to keep your software up to date. Check with your business IT partner to ensure you have the latest Windows (Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 for operating systems) so you are automatically protected via Windows Update. Like updates on your smartphone, patches are updated automatically.

The downfall of some NHS Hospitals was the fact they ran Windows XP. This has been an unsupported operating system with no security updates for years and therefore provides no defence against these attacks.

Telefonix protects you and keeps your business running.

We work with award-winning next generation firewall and unified threat management leader Watchguard. Together, we provide better protection than traditional antivirus and firewalls that were unable to stop this ransomware.

The APT blocker sandbox analysis catches ransomware based on its behaviour. As hackers develop sophisticated techniques to disguise how ransomware appears, it will always behave the same way. Ransomware often starts by scanning IP addresses to find an open port to enter a network. Watchguard firewall will detect and blacklist a scanner.




How can we help you?

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Carl Davies

Written by Carl Davies

Carl is no stranger to cutting edge tech, having led many marketing and strategic initiatives across complex technology portfolios. He has played key roles in technology businesses, from the launch of the UK’s first cable broadband services to the some of the first mobile data value added services offered in continental Europe.   With more than 25 years commercial experience across multiple management role disciplines in sales, marketing, customer services, operations and IT, Carl has spent most of his career in the technology and communications sector.  Prior to Telefonix, Carl served as CMO for creative and virtual reality technology experts, Happy Finish, putting marketing at the heart of the company to drive a market leading reputation, supporting growth, and improving the performance of the company.  Previous to that role he served as Global Marketing Director at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, where he led the repositioning programme of the Cyber & Fraud Technology and Data Intelligence business into BAE Systems and transformed the company’s digital marketing approach. Outside of work, Carl is a bit of a car fan, keen DIY'er, avid gardener, and all round tech geek.

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