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4 ways to manage the Customer Experience when moving office

Posted by David Hughes on 11 Jul, 2017

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Afraid of breaking your customer experience during your office move? Don’t be. We’ve got it covered.

Take your customers with you.

During your business relocation, your customers need to know you won’t leave them behind. In particular, if you are moving because your business is growing, you can’t afford to lose your hard-earned relationship with your best and most loyal customers - before, during, and after your move.

You need to keep them informed, make sure they can find and reach you and keep the customer experience consistent. How easy you make it for your customers during the transition can make or break your business as 87% of customers would rather spend money with organisations that were easy to do business with at every stage of your business.

Making it easy for your customers to contact you during the transition takes a co-ordinated campaign across all channels, plus an event or gift at your new location can ease any irritation they might feel.

Technology has made it easier to create a seamless customer experience regardless of location. So an office move is the perfect testing ground to measure if unified communication tools can deliver to customers through every channel, on any app and on any device, while your employees might need the extra help.

Here’s 4 ways you can use technology to manage the Customer Experience during your office move:

Inform your customers

Share news of your move and update your contact details on all channels, social media and email, including your Google My Business location so your customers will find out where you are, whichever channel they use to reach you.

Be available

When moving office, it's easy to keep the same phone numbers and extensions, or re-route lines automatically to the right employees,  when you have a cloud business phone system with SIP trunks. Cloud based solutions can give your employees access to all projects and data across the business from any location. If you empower your employees to manage the transition on their own devices, they will be able to manage the customer experience, which is of vital importance in industries such as finance and insurance.

Improve the multi-channel connection

An office move is the perfect time to test new solutions that fully integrate all your communication channels into one interface, so your customers can choose any channel to contact you. Customers can also switch between channels and you can be informed of every interaction in the relationship. This will help you manage the transition and ensure you are not dependent on one channel e.g. a phone line during the changeover. We can also offer solutions that cater for a customer channel that you might not use, to adapt to their preferences.

Offer remote working and flexibility during the move

A business relocation is the perfect time to ensure employees can access all channels and access all projects from different devices and locations. Remote working options can be tested to see if new technology can make your employees more productive and improve business results.

Your company can see if these solutions work for you as a company and fit into your new culture in the new office - and in the process, keep your best customers.

In our next blog post we will discuss how you can improve employee engagement during your office move.

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David Hughes

Written by David Hughes

With more than 16 year’s engineering experience in the communications industry, David has a passion for new technology. David’s expertise has provided him with a wealth of knowledge to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to the highest standards, ensuring our customer service levels remain at the highest level. As Operations Director at Telefonix, David is responsible for managing Client Projects, Engineering, Customer Service and Vendor Relationships. He’s a keen sportsman mostly playing cricket and enjoys hacking his way around a golf course. David's a bit of a petrol head; he loves fast cars, Formula 1 and the annual trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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