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Design for emotion in Customer Experience? Absolutely!

21-Jun-2017 | Customer Experience
Forbes writer Adrian Swinscoe said designing emotion into customer experience is a mistake and, potentially, a waste of time and effort, on Sunday. Swinscoe argues that customers will experience different emotions depending on context, and companies..
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SIP Trunks are way, way cooler than you think

19-Jun-2017 | SIP Trunks
SIP Trunks for business are the logical choice when moving from ISDN ahead of the BT switch off in 2025. This means businesses still using ISDN phone lines need to switch, and fast. But if you're a busy executive in charge of your business' changing..
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3 reasons not using SIP is damaging your business

13-Jun-2017 | SIP Trunks
    Traditional phone systems are obsolete.   In 2015, BT announced it will switch all its PSTN and ISDN networks to VoIP (voice over IP) on SIP trunks by 2025. It’s a smart move for BT to remove the legacy from its network to better compete with..
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British Airways reveals lack of focus on Customer Experience

02-Jun-2017 | Customer Experience
British Airways had a power supply issue at one of their UK data centres which stopped all check-in and operational systems over the last bank holiday weekend. The investigation is focusing on human error. This is odd when it is expected BA would..
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Why do businesses need to use mobile collaboration tools?

31-May-2017 | Collaboration
If you work in Marketing, Customer Service or you’re the all-seeing CEO of your business, you are ultimately responsible for the perception of your company and your online presence. If something happens, teams need access to react and correct..
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Is your business protected from cyberattacks this bank holiday?

26-May-2017 | Cybersecurity
“If a cyber attack has not already happened in your business, odds are it will – possibly soon.” – Steve Culp, Global Managing Director for Accenture Finance and Risk Services.   There is no better time for a hacker to follow the movements of..
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Your customers want you to be human - with the right technology.

24-May-2017 | Customer Experience
Chatbots, robots, AI and analytics are among the innovations that businesses are using to directly improve their customer experience delivery. Customer experience (also known as CX) is the central aim of developing and adopting new technology..
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Is Cloud right for your business size and industry?

22-May-2017 | Cloud
This is the third of three blogs where I explore the pros and cons of using cloud for your business. In the first post, we discussed how the best ways to reduce costs, provide disaster recovery and provide your business with more flexibility are..
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All Telefonix IT clients protected from WannaCry ransomware

18-May-2017 | Cybersecurity
All IT clients with Telefonix cybersecurity solutions were protected from the global ransomware which shut down organisations on Friday. The WannaCry cyberattack spread with unprecedented speed and scale with 100,000s of victims in 150 countries,..
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Focus on Customer Experience changes the CIO role

16-May-2017 | Customer Experience
The new focus on customer experience has changed the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in recent years. The CIO needs to match business operations with the best new technology to deliver a world-class experience to the customer, because..
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What the NHS cyberattack means for your business

13-May-2017 | Cybersecurity
The NHS has engineers working around the clock right now, to tackle an unprecedented cyberattack. The ransomware "WannaCry" (variants on the name) took down NHS systems, as well as organisations across 99 countries, spreading rapidly since yesterday..
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